Heart-Food's Specialty:


Balance through Nurture

Signs of imbalance are:


  • Fatigue

  • Digestive trouble

  • Headaches

  • Chronic pain                 and inflammation

  • Weight issues

  • Skin rashes

  • Thyroid issues

  • Taxed immune system

  • Allergies

  • Infertility

  • Menopausal symptoms

  • Depression

  • Candida

  • Cancer 

  • Emotional eating

  • Addictions

  • and much more

At Heart-Food we create the circumstances the body needs to thrive by balancing:
  • Nutritional excesses and deficiencies
  • Acid alkaline levels
  • Microflora
  • Digestion and absorption
  • Food combination
  • Lifestyle
  • Body - heart - connection
The Results: You'll feel and look better
You'll know 
- how to nurture yourself from the inside out
- which foods serve and which foods deplete your body
- how to incorporate healing foods into your life
- how it is to feel in balance and how to get back into balance when you fell off the wagon

You'll learn

- how to reduce cravings and how to deal with them when they come up

- how to be in emotional lows and distress

- how to catch yourself before you fall and how to get up faster when you do fall


Of course we can't remove all difficulty & stress in life and they have their purpose too; but you can equip 

yourself with the skills to live through it with ease and grace. You don't need to suffer any more.



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