FREE Workshop at Blush Lane ~ How to Break the Vicious Circle of Sugar Addiction

Studies have shown that sugar is just as addictive as opiate drugs. If you can’t stop eating sugar and refined foods (which are just like sugar in your body), it’s not just a lack of will power. Learn how to break the vicious circle of sugar addiction. Understand your cravings and what your body actually needs. Get to know healthy sweet options that nurture and enliven, instead of deprive.

With live demo of how to make a couple of gluten-free and sugar-free nourishing treats. Receive samples and recipes to replicate at home.

May 24th, 6 - 8pm

At Blush Lane Organic Market

8135 - 102 Str, Edmonton

Conference Room, 3rd floor

Preregistration required:

Call (780) - 988 - 5655

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