Microwaves PROVEN to be dangerous

I know, I know - it is so convenient to just put your food into the microwave and seconds later it's warm. But what's the point of eating food when you put it into a machine that not only destroys its nutrients but also makes it dangerous for your health to eat it? It is so not worth it to radiate our food...

Yes, it's a little bit more effort to warm foods up without a microwave. I agree, but it doesn't take long to get used to it. When I threw out our microwave years ago, and I put it onto the balcony first for now. I still felt bad just throwing it away. One day I caught my husband plugging it in out there and using it secretly :-) So we decided to ban it from our home completely. And now it's just normal for us to use the toaster/ convection oven or to take a little pot and heat up our food on the stove briefly. After a little transition time, you won't even perceive it as 'effort' any more. We can get used to new things quickly.

Watch Dr. Group's video and you never wanna use a microwave again!


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