Real Balanced Salt is Absolutely Crucial to our Health ~ 'Salt is Bad' - Myth is Long Overc

Natural wholesome salt and table salt have a completely different impact on our body ~

We are salt based creatures - tears, blood and sweat are all salty.

Eating a salt free diet or using table salt can be detrimental to our health.

Table salt (chemical sodium chloride) is the refined version of real salt, like whole sea salt or pink Himalayan salt.

Wholesome salt (with all its minerals and trace minerals) actually stabilizes blood pressure and cleanses our 'transmission lines', our veins and arteries. Salt is crucial to recharge our batteries (electrolytes!), to make important hydrochloric acid, to repair cells and rejuvenate our body, and much more. Did you know that by adding sea salt, you increase the nutritional value of your vegetables by 7 times? Salt is required to break down raw vegetables in order to absorb their nutrients.

I recommend using whole sea salt (like Celtic Sea Salt), pink Himalayan salt or Herbamare (sea salt with spices and vegetables) for your meals. Be careful: even sea salt from the health food store could be refined. Look for sea salt that is still moist and brownish, which shows that the magnesium hasn't been removed.

I would even recommend adding a small pinch to your glass of water (filtered or spring water) as you'll get more minerals as well as better hydrated this way.

Also seaweed (like dulse, kelp, nori) is a great source of natural salt and amazing for flavouring and enhancing nutritional value of your diet. Sea vegetables are superfoods high in minerals (esp. calcium, magnesium, iodine), essential fatty acids, high quality amino acids, chlorophyll, B vitamins, etc. and able to remove toxins from your body. Sneak them into your diet as often as possible.

Sea Salt is healthy

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