Homemade Almond Milk

After you've tried this you never want to go back to store bought almond milk...


1 cup of raw, organic almonds

2 cups of filtered or spring water




Sweetener of your choice


Measuring cup



Nut milk / mesh bag

Bowl to catch the milk

Glass bottle with lid to store milk


  • Put almonds in a glass jar and cover with water. Place the jar in the fridge over night.

  • Strain the almonds in the morning and rinse. They will look plump and become a little bit squishy, as they soaked up water.

  • Blend up the almonds together with water on highest speed.

  • Place the nut milk bag over a bowl and pour the blended liquid through the nut milk bag. Close the bag at the top with one hand and start squishing the bag on the bottom with the other hand. ‘Milk’ gently till all the liquid is separated.

  • Add any spices or sweetener that you like.

  • Fill the milk into a glass bottle with lid and place into the fridge. As there are no preservatives in your homemade almond milk, it will go off faster (within a few days). You will notice curdles and smell, if it has gone off. You can make as much milk as you want in a 2:1 water to almonds ratio (or whichever ratio is to your liking), but don’t get too excited and make too much, as it can go bad J

  • The left over almond meal can be added to muffins, cookies or smoothies. You can also freeze it and use it as needed. Voilà!

Almond Milk
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