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Postpartum Nutrition for Mom & Baby

Postpartum nutrition is absolutely fundamental for the health of mom and baby. While many women put special care into their diet during pregnancy, they are often not prepared for the equally crucial period in the months following birth.

After giving birth, a woman's body has unique requirements. She needs a diet fitting for this challenging postpartum period, for replenishment of her nutrient stores, and for her complete recovery. This is especially important for breastfeeding mothers, but it's also crucial for *mothers who don't. Missing nutrients and irritating foods can seriously influence your well-being and how much you can cope with the stresses of being a new mom.

A nourishing diet with complete nutrients plays a significant role in baby's optimal development and constitution for the rest of her life. When you are breastfeeding, what you eat or don't eat might affect your baby more than you think. The weaning period is just as important, when baby gets introduced to her first solid foods. You don't want to offer your baby foods (via breastmilk or during weaning) that are difficult to handle for the still delicate system. Many babies suffer from so-called 'colic', which usually leads to sleepless nights and stressful days for the entire family. Women falling into Postpartum Depression is all too common. Much of this can be avoided by cutting out irritating foods and emphasizing nourishing foods suitable for you and your baby.

Postpartum Nutrition
Nutrition for Breastfeeding


Postpartum Nutrition & More for Thriving Moms & Babies

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For mothers who want to

  • make sure they get the specific nutrients and adequate foods they need during the postpartum period

  • improve their nutrition and sleep (2 main contributors to 'postpartum depression')

  • support complete recovery from birth with a wholesome diet and better sleep

  • care about giving their babies the best nutrition via breastmilk (or who would like to learn about what a good formula should contain)

  • know which are the best first solid foods for baby (around 6 months)

  • reduce their babies' digestive discomfort as much as possible

  • ease their postpartum by taking important steps to prepare

  • learn about a wholesome diet that will naturally support the postpartum body to establish a healthy weight

  • avoid common nutrition mistakes you find in many 'experts' recommendations, books and websites

  • know which supplements might be supportive or necessary for themselves or their baby

If I would have had a postpartum course like this when I had my first baby, I would have had a totally different experience. I could have avoided a lot of stress which tainted the blissful experience. However, with my second baby, I could apply what I've learned - what a difference it made! And here I am, helping women like you for a better and nourished postpartum.

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About the Author:

Postpartum Nutrition
Nutrition for mom and baby

I help overwhelmed women navigate the maze of nutritional information, so that they move beyond the mess to find clarity, deep nourishment and enjoyment. As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Certified Life Coach, and mama of two, it's my passion to support you on your journey. Because when you thrive, your family does too.

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Christiane Panesar, MA, CHNC

Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant,

Certified Life Coach and Founder of Heart-Food Holistic Nutrition


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