Heart-Food is:

Your personal program

In the personal program, that we'll customize together for you, I will guide you towards new and exciting ways of nourishing your body. I don't advocate harsh diets that suggest an extreme way of eating - especially when they weren't made for YOU. Most successful is a simple and manageable approach that focuses on creating balance in the body. Our cells function best when they are in homeostasis (balance), so we need to create the right environment where they can thrive.

Together we start our process by investigating what your body is missing and different possibilities of incorporating that. Once you've discovered the benefits of a wholesome approach to eating, you'll be surprised of how tasty and enjoyable it can be. You may even find a sense of ease as we begin to remove harmful foods from your plate. It doesn't have to be an endless fight. Your taste buds will adjust, your cravings will lose their hold and you'll feel more alive.


















Your individual process


To identify and support the body-systems that are out of balance your initial session will include:


  • intake of your symptoms and history

  • evaluation of well-being and life-style

  • assessment of goals and needs, and

  • use of a food log.


My goal is to supply you with the right knowledge, simple tools and motivational coaching so that you feel increasingly empowered and confident. Numerous studies prove that it's best to change habits by taking small steps. It took years and maybe all our life to form the eating habits and conditioning we have, so we need to retrain our systems slowly without overwhelming ourselves. I recommend an initial period of weekly coaching over a 3 month term as it will insure long lasting changes. In your first session we'll assess what's most suitable for you as everyone's process is different.

You are not alone
                                    you are not helpless


Together we can:

  • find the foods that serve you best at this time

  • look into healthier versions of your favorite treats

  • identify energy robbers that weigh you down

  • balance deficiencies and excesses

  • optimize your life-style

  • address emotional eating habits

  • create a strategy for real and life-long change.

Yummy Nourishment for Body & Soul

Why an

Educational Approach?


If someone were to tell what you should  or should not do - without you understanding the implications (fully 'owning' your process), then it will be really difficult if not impossible to sustain change. Sustained change comes through knowledge and belief in yourself. Of course we all fall down from time to time - it's human. What matters is the manner in which we get back up. Having understanding and compassion for ourselves is a pre-requisite for our health on all levels.

Weight loss

You'll love the difference!


You might not be able to see your potential at this time, but it's already there - you just need to step in. It's wonderfully intimate to be in-touch with your body. If you align to your natural flow, you'll be living life with ease. You'll walk through your day with more energy, with a clear mind and a rested heart.


Holistic Nutrition Edmonton, CHNC


All the knowledge and ability are already inherent within your body.