The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. - Aristotle

Why holistic...?


As a holistic nutritional consultant, I believe that healing happens from the inside-out. Our body, mind and heart are not only interconnected, but are a whole. If our goal is balance and long-lasting change we cannot address them in a fragmented way. Reductionist methods focus on making the symptom 'go away' to possibly alleviate pain and discomfort for a time. In most cases this doesn't resolve the problem which usually shows up stronger than before or in a different way.

It's crucial to understand that symptoms and cravings are not our enemies. They are important messages that our body is sending to us. By ignoring or covering up this type of communication one misses perfect opportunities to nourish one's body & soul and live up to one's full potential.





















Everyone is different. How wonderful!


There's a hot debate concerning the 'right' way to eat. Many people claim to have found the one and only solution. But believe me: what works for your friend might not work for you and what the newest fad-diet demands might sound good 'in theory', but has nothing to do with what your body really needs and your heart truly desires. Central to my work is developing a new level of awareness; I believe that rather than just coping and surviving our deepest calling is to thrive within our first nature.

- Why not???


  • Prevention

  • Whole Foods

  • Bio-Individuality

  • Trust in Inner Resources

  • Body-Mind-Heart=Whole

  • Gentle and Real Change

  • Taking Responsibility

  • Empowered Living

  • Balance

Not too long ago, there were no words for 'holistic' nutrition or 'organic' foods - nutrition was simply nutrition and foods were naturally whole foods. But nowadays 'holistic' and 'organic' seem to be the exception. What have been traditional healing methods for ages are now labeled as 'alternative' medicine. Why is it that we need to justifiy healthy living? And why is it that wholesome natural foods and preventitive healing systems are not the ones that are subsidized? The world is upside down... yet - the choice and the responsability are yours.

Holistic Nutrition Edmonton, CHNC
The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek - Joseph Campbell


Through exploring our relationship with food, we can also learn a lot about ourselves. It's not just important what we eat, but also how and why we eat.  What's really going on? While it's true that we are able to pursue a quick fix 'solution' (one that promises instant results), more often than not - such change is not sustainable (...and who of us hasn't done it? Has it ever really worked??). What happens is that we end up demoralized and think we are a failure. Why does our body not crave this 'perfect' diet? - Because our body is more intelligent. It knows inherently what's good for it; however, it needs your collaboration. It deserves more than a quick band-aid solution: it deserves your patient care and sustained attention.

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We are not meant to fit into a certain image or identity,

but we are meant to realize and celebrate our own authentic selves.