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Betty, Wisconsin:

I’m a psychologist, and one of the first things I tell my patients is to consider buying a neutralizer. Aires by far has the most well-researched products on the market, and I proudly show off my Defender Infinity any chance I get. I can tell you from years of experience that EMF neutralizers have had a significant impact on my patients who suffer from depression and anxiety. Depression is often a result of other physiological symptoms; I tell my patients, “A healthy body means a healthy mind.” There’s tons of research to back up my anecdotal experiences. Everyone in America needs an EMF neutralizer. If you can’t afford the Defender, the Black Crystal and the Aires Shield are much better than no protection. Best of all, EMF neutralizers carry no risk of side effects and are safe for pregnant women and children, which cannot be said for most prescription antidepressants.

Small Device Protection:

Aires Shield Extreme is designed to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, tablets and baby monitors.



Large Device Protection:

Aires Black Crystal is designed to be used on larger surfaces such as:
Smart TV, PC, Large Monitors, Laptops, Microwave Ovens and Routers.



Universal Protection:

Aires Defender Infinity provides universal protection. They are designed to be used in combination with other devices.


9 Core Microprocessor


Front Antenna


IR Absorbing Layer


Rear Antenna


Rear 9 Core Microprocessor



Jenny, Alberta:

Before we attached Aires Black Crystals to our TVs and laptops, my five-year-old son had to miss school at least once a week due to migraine headaches. Now, not only have his headaches completely gone away, but the rest of the family feels more energized and overall healthier too. I used to be unable to make it through the day without a nap, but now I don’t even have to drink coffee to charge my battery in the morning! My husband is also less cranky, and even the cats seem happier. Every home needs EMF blockers. If you don’t think all those electromagnetic waves are causing you any problems, you’ll notice a huge difference once you make the investment! Thank you Aires for making us a stronger family!


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