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Hi, I'm Christiane!

I help exhausted moms overcome postnatal depletion that is causing them NOT to sleep at night and NOT function properly during the day. The amazing mothers in my Postnatal Depletion Recovery get their energy back while conquering their babies colic and making sure they grow healthy and well. As a mama of two former 'colicky' babies who was physically, mentally, and emotionally depleted, it's my passion to support you on your journey from feeling lost and defeated to discovering the goddess you really are. And when you thrive, your family does too.


Christiane specializes in guiding depleted mothers through their own rebirth so that they can newly fall in love with themselves, their children and their husbands. Christiane's approach is gentle, yet powerful; she helps clients find kindness and non-judgment within themselves, nurturing their inner resources so that they may bring forth a shift from the inside out.



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It was a milestone in my journey to understand and heal my body.  Christiane was kind, understanding, open, and easy to communicate and work with. I feel her depth of knowledge and compassion. I’m excited to continue along this path. 

- Julie O.

Your appointment was one of the best that I have had in a long time. I needed guidance with my diet and eating habits - and you did an excellent job with that.  You also confirmed that it is okay for me to listen to my body - that was a god-send.

- Phyllis S.

Our challenge was that our baby was extremely gassy which manifested in loud grunting constantly all night long, so loud that neither my husband or I could sleep through it at all! After you recommended the foods to cut out, I removed them all and noticed a difference within 3 days getting better each day until there was NO grunting at all! Finally I could sleep. Baby started doing longer stretches too being more comfortable! She’s doing great! Her gas issues are so much better and she’s getting an 8-9 hour stretch at night now that she’s comfortable!

- Emily O.

Christiane is extremely knowledgeable and so very easy to talk to. I am grateful I met her; her guidance and wisdom have helped me transform both my husband and my life through choosing healthier food/life choices. Thank you Christiane and Heart-Food Holistic Nutrition..... Simply the Best!!!

- Vicky B.



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